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Catalog of Dark Patterns

Discover a variety of dark pattern examples, sorted by category, to better understand deceptive design practices.

Principles of Spacing in UI Design

One of the most crucial aspects of UI design is spacing. Proper spacing can make a design look clean, organized, and easy to navigate.

How to Get Color Codes on Mac Without Third-Party Tools

Here’s a quick and easy way to get the color code of anything displayed on your Mac’s screen without installing any eyedroppers or color-picking tools.

Styling Tables the Modern CSS Way

Modern CSS makes styling HTML tables in a considered, responsive nature a breeze. Michelle Barker breaks it all down for you in this deep dive.

Why we moved from RGB and HSL

The new CSS Color 4 specification has added a new oklch() notation for declaring colors. In this post, we explain why this is important for design systems and color palettes.

AI-powered design and editing tool

Microsoft has introduced Designer, an AI-driven application that assists users in creating and editing various visual content. The platform offers a range of features including image generation, editing, and design customization.

Fiber vs. Gin for Go web development

Go Fiber and Gin are two popular web application frameworks that rely on Go’s standard library. They provide extensive toolkits we can use to develop high-performance apps with modern features.

Next-gen CSS variables now with universal browser support

Get ready for a CSS power-up! The @property rule, part of the CSS Houdini umbrella of APIs, is now fully supported across all modern browsers. This game-changing feature unlocks new levels of control and flexibility for CSS custom properties (also known as CSS variables), making your stylesheets smarter and more dynamic.

What Top Design Leaders Really Look for in a Portfolio

Learn from the best—design experts reveal exactly what they look for in a portfolio. Get ready to transform your career from aspiring designer to in-demand professional!

Must-Read Design Books

The world of design is constantly evolving, and staying updated is essential for any creative. An excellent way to deepen your knowledge, techniques, and trends is through reading.

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